Due to gerrymandering and demographics, many Congressional and political districts are un-winnable for Democrats and unlosable for the Republican incumbent.  When a district is drawn to be "unlosable," moderate Republican incumbents are forced to take extreme positions to satisfy the base of voters who vote in primaries.    


This is how we wind up with a polarized government run by unaccountable extremists who repeal citizen-supported ballot initiativesrefuse to compromise, who propose outrageous laws like selling national parks and eliminating the EPA, or who feel safe lying about their constituency and taunting them.  Who pass outrageous laws with no public benefit, like selling your personal browser history to Comcast.


In districts where Democrats really can't win, we believe that voting in the Republican primary is essential to fighting extremism and electing sane, accountable politicians.  In some states, voters must register as Republicans to vote in the primary.  We teach them how using standard voter registration techniques.  In others states, we educate voters about the power of primary voting and about the danger of specific, extreme candidates.