We are not attempting to co-opt the Republican party.  We are not a stealth organization.  We are not a trojan horse seeking to surprise people on election day.  We simply recognize that sometimes, if you can't beat 'em, you may as well join 'em.  We support real Republicans who hold moderate views in the Republican primaries.

The RNC argues vociferously that it is a "Big Tent" where all are welcome.  There is no litmus test, no barrier to participating in Republican politics.  The core values we seek in our candidates are all values which many, many Republicans hold dear.  They are simply relegated to the back bench in gerrymandered, unlosable red districts, because incumbent politicians are more concerned with defeating primary challenges from the right.   

We are about participatory democracy.  We take the RNC at its word and accept their invitation. We seek common ground, and view most Republicans as reasonable people who share many common ideals with us. We participate in the politics that matter in deep red districts, and hold candidates to moderate conservative principles.  We are a check on extremism and provide cover for politicians who want to do whats right for the majority of their district, not just far right primary voters.